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Virijallu Diwali Dhamaka Awards Winners - 2016

Virijallu Diwali Dhamaka Awards 2016 - Sponsored By Sanjiv Gupta CPA (


Category 1st 2nd 3rd Spl App-reciation Spl App-reciation Spl App-reciation
Kids 3-7
Padyam/Slokam Adhvik Yuktha Jagannath Krithi Nihal  
Monoaction Hansini Adhvik Srihitha Saanvitha    
Song Haasini Vaishnavi Jagannath Sahasra    
Short Story Krithika SaiSatvik Lakshmi Sree Sai      
Kids 8-13
Padyam/Slokam Manasa Karthik Mayukha Srikar    
Monoaction Shrimayee Sreevatsa Ishitha Rishi Samskruthi  
Song Manasa Sanjana Navyaa Aashritha Nishanth Sid
Short Story Aashritha Bhavyasri Samskruthi Arjun V    
Dialogues Radha karuna  Vijaya  P BV Ramana    
Lyricist Srinija Soujanya V Sudhakar B Vijaya Jyothi Shailender  
Ads Priya & Nanda Anil Soujanya V Aparna,Divya & Rekha Srikanth Y  
Pair Radha & Varun Jaswanthi & Hansini Grandhi Family      
Film/Folk Songs Poojitha Manogna Bhanu Roopa    
Classical/Devotional Manogna Subbarao M Poojitha Srivalli    

Sponsored by Sanjiv Gupta CPA (

The only awards of its kind on Radio, Virijallu Diwali Dhamaka Awards Sponsored by Sanjiv Gupta CPA are back! Here's your opportunity yet again to showcase your talent, creativity, enthusiasm & exuberance on a grand scale!

Submission Process:

  • Record an audio clip to participate in any of the following categories
  • Email your recorded clip to


  • For Singing categories - you may send songs with or without karaoke music. With music may be better for the overall output. If you need any specific song track, email us to
  • You can participate in any number of categories
  • You can send multiple entries to the same category
  • Anyone from anywhere in the world can participate. They just need to send us their entries via email


  • * Grand Prize (Adults) - iPad Mini
  • * Grand Prize (Kids) - iPad Mini
  • * Win Visa Gift Cards for each category
  • 1st Prize: $50
  • 2n Prize : $35
  • 3rd Prize : $25
  • * Prize for every kid participant

Here are the Awards categories this year:

Categories - Adults:

  • Dialogue - Choose any dialogue of your choice: actor/actress/comedian/villian
  • Pair - Enact a scene with atleast 2 characters in it (2 or more)
  • Singing - Folk/Films
  • Singing - Classical/Devotional (Carnatic/Hindustani/Devotional etc)
  • Ads - Come up with creative ads for any product or service. Our most popular category
  • Lyricist - Take an existing song/tune and write your won lyrics to the song

Categories- Kids ( 3 age groups: 3-7, 8-13)

  • Slokam/Padyam
  • Singing
  • Monoaction
  • Short Stories
    There is no set theme for the short stories. Let the kids come up with any original short story of their choice. The story should have atleast 2 characters. We will look for originality & creativity. You can send the short stories to us as an audio file, email or a picture of the short story that they wrote on paper. Any medium is fine.

Last day for submission: Nov 15, 2016. Hurry Up! Get started with your entries!

Below are last years winners/samples. For any further questions email -

Virijallu Diwali Dhamaka Awards are brought to you by Sanjiv Gupta CPA

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